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Trust and transparency are the keys

Why I-Captive?
New avenues for increased revenue

The pay-per-call and performance marketing industries are alive, well, and seeing blockbuster results.

Increased consumer spending, new developments in AI and machine learning are driving increased conversions on a pay-for-performance basis, and the tendency of a large swath of consumers to call for the services they need opens up new opportunities for revenue growth for tech and telecom businesses.

Are you ready to share in that opportunity? Choosing a partner like I-Captive that offers full transparency in how your calls are used is a game changer.

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We Do It Better

The trends of the future are better call quality, increased compliance, and greater transparency for the caller. We have proven the concept that the highest-quality pay-per-call leads today are actually consumer-initiated calls, not outbound calls as once thought. Some of the most important factors are:

TCPA/FCC Compliance

Inbound calls are made by the consumer and do not violate TCPA regulations.

Conversions In vs Out Bound

Inbound calls typically convert to sales at a much higher rate.

Advertiser Demand

The “Direct to Consumer” approach in pay-per-call can be likened to using an influencer to drive sales. Inbounding is simply a more cost-effective method to distribute your message.

Our team
Jodi M. Carrier

Our President and CEO, Jodi Carrier, has worked within the telecommunications industry for more than 25 years.

It is her close relationships that helped to forge the foundation of her latest ventures, I-Captive LLC and I-Captive Media. Consulting for public and private entities within the telecom space has given her a unique perspective on how these companies operate and who they cater to.

With her focus on product development, buying, and contract administration, this new initiative was an exciting new way to help her contemporaries in the tech and telecom spaces streamline their businesses even further while adding a powerful new revenue stream. This new focus has gained steam over the last several years. The time and the marketplace were finally in alignment to bring this strategy with a larger audience.

As the pay-per-call/performance marketing industry continues to gather momentum, this unique, compliant call handling strategy may replace some of the old reciprocal compensation models from the early days of telecommunications and will serve a variety of businesses well for years to come.

Jodi Carrier, President and CEO of I-Captive.

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